Now's the Time: Spain Opens its Doors to British Students for University Access on Par with EU Students



Starting from today, around 70,000 British students will have the opportunity to gain access to universities in Spain under the same conditions as their counterparts from European Union member states. This significant development, impacting students from 80 educational institutions, comes into effect on Wednesday, August 2nd, following an agreement signed between Spain and the United Kingdom. 

This has been the first bilateral agreement between the two countries since Brexit, highlighting the willingness of both governments to reach an alliance, considering British schools in Spain as a strategic sector. The goal was to ensure similar university access conditions as before Brexit, thus preventing any negative impact on students and families of British educational institutions in Spain. 

This agreement ensures the continuity in the mutual recognition of qualifications, providing peace of mind to British students wishing to study in Spain and vice versa. 

Following the UK's exit from the European Union in 2021, qualifications obtained in the UK were no longer automatically recognized in Spain and had to be validated by Spanish authorities before students from the British system could access Spanish universities.  

The qualification recognition process, whether for school or university degrees, is notoriously complex and slow in Spain. Hence, this new agreement is good news for students at British universities who have not yet completed their university studies and wish to study in Spain.  

It is yet to be confirmed whether the recognition process for those with a UK higher education degree wishing to work in Spain will be needed or if it will be automatically recognized.  

It has also been highlighted that the agreement will not result in the UK rejoining the EU's Erasmus exchange programme, which is managed through separate channels.  

If you're a student at a British university and have always dreamed of studying in Spain, now is your time. With the doors of Spanish universities open to you on the same terms as EU students, your dream of obtaining a quality education in Spain is now within your reach. 

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Joana, Abogada de EX24. 

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