What do the British people need to get the Spanish citizenship?



Spain is one of the most valued countries to live, it currently hosts over 390.000 British Citizens. 


For those who would like to become Spanish at some point, here it is your opportunity. 


Although citizenship is always subject to change, please pay attention to the following requirements you would need in order to succeed in this procedure:


- Residence in Spain for 10 years

- Passing the DELE A2 Spanish exam

- Passing an exam about some basic knowledge about Spain (CCSE)

- Gather all documents: Birth Certificate, Criminal Records, Fees, etc.

- Submit your application to the Ministry of Justice through its website. 



Is it as easy as it looks like? Well, it really depends on every case. You probably know that citizenship is quite serious matter so currently the majority of the countries are worried about the globalisation in terms of control. So be meticulous with your application.


Here you may find some useful information and tips we are sharing on our website: 




For further information do not hesitate to call your Immigration Lawyers!

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Renan Araujo

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Ilsa Soledad Rivarola

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Orlando Cuevas Bataille

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