Golden Visa: Achieving Dreams from Afar



We are pleased to share a unique story: recently, we have successfully managed a Residency Authorization for Investors following the purchase of a property in Barcelona. 

Our story revolves around a couple whose dream had always been to settle in Barcelona, despite never having had the opportunity to visit the country.  

While this is not the first time we have successfully executed such authorizations, this case presents a significant difference – the special trust they placed in our law firm from the outset. They entrusted us with the complete advisory and management of the property purchase in Barcelona, all while they were outside of Spain. To do so, we utilized notarial powers and effectively represented their interests in their absence, sparing them from the need to visit Spain on any occasion. 

It was only when every detail was perfectly aligned, and the documents were ready for submission, that they decided to travel to Spain. This approach allowed them to streamline the process significantly, bypassing the complexities that often accompany real estate transactions, especially when they are thousands of kilometers away and each step could have required a visit to the country

Taking on this challenge was an achievement for both our clients and us. It has enabled us to demonstrate our ability to provide comprehensive assistance from the outset of any legal process, regardless of the distance or destination our clients choose. 

This story is a testament to success and our commitment to turning our clients' dreams into reality. We take pride in being a part of the realization of these dreams, even when they begin thousands of kilometers away.






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Joana, Abogada de EX24. 

Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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