Homologation of Foreign University Degrees in Spain



The homologation of foreign university degrees in Spain is an essential process for those who wish to practice a regulated profession in the country.

Homologation consists of the official recognition of the completed training for obtaining a foreign university degree equivalent to that required for obtaining a Spanish degree.

Those interested in homologating a degree should note that the competent authority for resolving the procedure is the Ministry of Universities, and they must carry out all procedures electronically through the Ministry's electronic headquarters.

Foreign degrees must be official in their country of origin, issued by a university or institution of higher education, have an academic level equivalent to the corresponding Spanish degree, and meet the specific requirements of the regulated profession in Spain.

Interested parties must submit an application through the Ministry of Universities' electronic registry, accompanied by documentation proving their identity, the degree to be homologated, and the academic certification of the studies completed.

The homologation of foreign university degrees in Spain is a rigorous and detailed process that requires compliance with a series of requirements and procedures established by current regulations. It is important for those interested in homologating a degree to be informed and to fulfill all necessary steps to ensure the success of their application.


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Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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