How to Open a Bank Account in Spain?



Emigrating to a new country involves facing a series of challenges, and opening a bank account in Spain stands out as one of the most important requirements for settling effectively.

Why should you open a bank account in Spain?

While it's possible to use your foreign credit card, opening a local account becomes essential for extended stays or to carry out essential procedures. Institutions and procedures, such as obtaining residency permits, buying property, or paying rent, will require a Spanish bank account. Additionally, for everyday needs like paying for services, gym memberships, or local purchases, having a local account streamlines your daily life.

Can foreigners open a bank account in the country?

Yes, both resident and non-resident foreigners can open bank accounts in Spain. However, the processes and requirements vary significantly between these two groups.

Opening a bank account as a resident:

If you stay in the country for more than 183 days per year, you'll benefit from additional advantages when opening an account as a resident. The process is simpler and requires:

- Passport or national identity document

- Foreigner Identification Number (NIE)

- Documents confirming your sources of income

- Proof of address in Spain (rental agreement or registration)

Opening a bank account as a non-resident:

The option to open an account as a non-resident is viable, but the process is more complex and fees are usually higher.

You'll need:

- Non-resident certificate (obtained at the police station)

- Passport or national identity document

- Document proving your address

- Employment status/income proof

- Rental agreement or property title if buying a home in Spain

Note that foreign documents must be translated into Spanish and legalized by a notary.

Can you open a bank account online?

The option to open an online account is available, although some traditional banks require an in-person visit at the end of the process. Online banks operating in Spain allow you to complete the entire procedure virtually, eliminating the need to go in person.

How long does it take?

Opening a bank account is quick, usually between 1 to 5 days. However, document preparation, especially obtaining a non-resident certificate, may take longer, around 2 weeks.

Can students also open a bank account?

Yes, students can open bank accounts with special conditions, such as lower enrollment fees and waived online payment fees. You just need your student visa/residence card and NIE to proceed.

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