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In an increasingly globalized world, the need for legal services specialized in immigration is more crucial than ever, especially in cities like Zaragoza. Immigration lawyers in Zaragoza are dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complex Spanish legal system regarding immigration, residency, and nationality.

But what exactly do immigration lawyers do, and how can you know if you're choosing a reliable one?

What do immigration lawyers do?

Immigration lawyers deal with a wide range of issues related to immigration. From applying for visas and residence permits to assisting in naturalization processes and resolving situations of irregular immigration. Their role is crucial to ensure that procedures are carried out correctly, increasing the chances of success in each process.

How do you know if a lawyer is trustworthy?

Choosing a reliable immigration lawyer is fundamental. Look for professionals with a solid reputation, preferably recommended by previous clients. It's important to verify their credentials and experience in the field of immigration. A good lawyer will be transparent about their fees and the scope of their services.

How long does an immigration procedure take?

The processing time for immigration procedures varies significantly depending on the type of application and the workload of the authorities. It can range from a few weeks for short-term visas to several months or even more than a year for residence permits or naturalization processes.

What procedures can be done in immigration?

Various procedures related to immigration are carried out in immigration law. This includes applying for work visas, study visas, family reunification, residence cards for EU citizens' family members, permit renewals, and applications for asylum or international protection. Processes for regularization and nationality applications are also handled.

What happens if I don't have papers in Spain?

Being in Spain without legal documentation is a delicate situation. People in this situation face limitations in accessing basic services and may be subject to expulsion proceedings. Immigration lawyers can advise on regularization options, such as social, labor, or family roots, and provide legal representation in case of return procedures.

How long does it take to obtain nationality with a lawyer?

The time to obtain Spanish nationality with the help of a lawyer can vary. Although the intervention of a professional does not necessarily accelerate the administrative process, a lawyer can ensure that the application is correctly submitted and complete, which can prevent delays. Generally, the process can last from one year to two years, depending on each case.

What happens if the police catch you without papers in Spain?

Being caught by the police without papers in Spain can lead to expulsion proceedings from the country. In these cases, it is essential to have legal advice. An immigration lawyer can advise on the individual's rights, represent them before the authorities, and seek legal solutions to regularize their situation.

In conclusion, in Zaragoza, lawyers specialized in immigration play a crucial role in advising and managing immigration procedures. Their knowledge and experience are vital for navigating a complex and constantly changing legal system. If you need assistance in immigration matters, having a specialized lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.


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Evgenia Manova


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