Migration Challenges in Spain: A Summary of the Interview with Aragón TV



Recently, our director Álvaro Villacampa was interviewed on #BDAragón to discuss the growing migration issues in Spain.

In the first days of the year, over 500 people arrived in the Canary Islands, marking a significant increase in irregular arrivals to Spain. In response to this situation, the central government is considering legislative changes.

Spain currently ranks as the second country in the European Union with the most irregular arrivals, and a record number of asylum applications has been reached, surpassing 152,000.

The recent surge in arrivals is notable, reflecting the allure that our country holds for people from different places. Although in Aragón, the situation is less affected due to its geographical location, the increase in asylum applications at the national level is unsustainable without changes to the system.

Analyzing the profile of immigrants in Aragón, they mainly come from secondary locations and seek a better future, focusing on legally integrating into the labor market.

Regarding the record asylum applications, Álvaro highlighted that this is often the only alternative for those arriving in Spain. However, the overwhelmed system imposes barriers to initiating the asylum process, creating difficulties for applicants.

As for possible improvements, we acknowledge recent changes in legislation in 2022, and we express optimism about the intentions of the new government to continue modifying regulations.

They seek a more unified and simplified approach, as the current immigration policy framework is fragmented and generates uncertainty for both professionals and migrants themselves.

The need for comprehensive legislative changes to streamline the process, provide clearer pathways for migrants, and ensure the protection of their rights. Only through collaborative efforts and active engagement with the autonomous communities, Spain will be able to effectively address the challenges posed by irregular arrivals.

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Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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