Navigating the Unusual: Granting a Community Card for an Extended Family and a Person with Disabilities in Care



As lawyers, we often face challenges that go beyond the conventional, testing our expertise and dedication. On this occasion, we are thrilled to share an uncommon achievement, a happy victory in a very special case for us.

Recently, we obtained the granting of a residence permit under the community regime in an unusual situation: a case involving an extended family with a person with a disability in care. Although such situations are not common in our daily practice, the satisfaction of having contributed to the well-being in such special circumstances is invaluable.

The rules governing these permits include scenarios beyond direct first-degree relatives, considering special situations such as the so-called "extended family," which includes everyone from aunts and uncles to siblings. These cases, in general, are undoubtedly challenging, requiring meticulous documentation of dependency and the degree of kinship.

Now, imagine adding to this scenario the complexity of a disability or severe illness.

This context arose concerning one of our clients, and it was essential to leverage the regulatory provision that allows for the granting of the Residence Card in cases of serious health reasons or disability when personal care by the Union citizen is strictly necessary.

These applications involve extensive documentation, often supported by foreign certificates corroborating the medical health conditions.

Obtaining these permits is crucial for foreign individuals with disabilities residing with relatives in our country since, simply due to their situation, they are forced to face greater obstacles such as access to healthcare, the assessment of the degree of disability, welfare assistance, or requests for support measures, among others.

Although such cases are not common, we reiterate our commitment to addressing exceptional challenges with passion and professionalism, demonstrating that any goal is achievable. Beyond their singularities, these successes not only alleviate the burden on families but also send a clear message about the importance of caring for and supporting those who need it most.

Therefore, this card is not just a document but a symbol of empathy and commitment to equal opportunities for all.


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Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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