Renewal with Peace of Mind: Keep Working While Your Process is Underway



The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration has recently issued an instruction addressed to all Foreigners' Offices with the main purpose of providing security and peace of mind to foreign individuals who are immersed in processes of renewal, extension, or modification of their documentation.

In this communication, it is urged that Foreigners' Offices include in the initiation communications of various procedures the following explicit reference:

"The present resolution admitting this request for processing extends the validity of the previous authorization until the resolution of the procedure."

This will affect procedures such as stay extensions and residencies; renewals of residency, residency and work, including unaccompanied minors and former wards of the state; long-term or long-term EU residencies; and modifications of initial residencies and initial residencies under exceptional circumstances.

This approach aims to address the common difficulties faced by foreign individuals in Spain when carrying out everyday procedures that require verification of their documentary status. When renewing, extending, or modifying their authorization, it is possible that the corresponding Foreigner Identification Card (TIE) may be expired during the procedure. However, thanks to this new guideline, the foreign individual will be able to prove that their administrative situation is regular, allowing them to continue working and carrying out essential day-to-day procedures, officially proving their situation to third parties.

If you are currently in this situation, you now have the official certainty that, while you renew, your previous card is not "expired," and you are definitely not in an irregular situation. You will be able to face these everyday procedures with the confidence of having the official backing that certifies your situation.

But, be careful, do not underestimate the importance of being informed. Stay abreast of legal developments, because you never know when any legal modifications may arise in the field of immigration.


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Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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