Simplifying the Homologation of Foreign Degrees in Spain



If you're considering working or studying in Spain with a degree obtained abroad, you've probably heard about the homologation process. But what does that exactly mean and how can you make it easier?

Well, here's some good news: significant changes have recently been implemented to simplify this process. The Resolution of February 21, 2024, issued by the General Secretariat of Universities, has marked a major breakthrough in this regard.

In recent years, there have been significant improvements. One of the most important is that now the entire process is done electronically. This means you no longer need to submit documents in paper form at Spanish embassies or consulates, which greatly facilitates matters, especially if you are outside the country.

Furthermore, the number of homologation requests has increased considerably since the implementation of this electronic system. This reflects the growing demand and the importance of a more accessible and efficient process.

On the other hand, the European Union is working on simplifying the recognition of qualifications for third-country nationals, those who are not EU citizens. This recommendation aims to make the European labor market more attractive and accessible to these professionals.

The General Secretariat of Universities has embraced this recommendation, which means it will apply to homologation requests in Spain. This should help speed up the process for those seeking to work or study here.

It's also important to mention that a principle called "homogeneity" has been established in the treatment of applications. This means they will be processed consistently and fairly, ensuring that all applicants are treated equally.

In summary, if you're thinking of homologating your foreign degree in Spain, now is a good time to do it. With the new measures implemented, the process is more accessible and faster than ever.

So go ahead and start your journey towards new opportunities in Spain!


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Evgenia Manova

Evgenia Manova


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